What’s going on so far with the group?


The Hearing Voices Group, in Waltham Forest, was set up 15 years ago by Victoria and Hannah, both voice hearers, who met in Claybury hospital, in 1989.

Victoria moved to Norfolk, about 4 years ago, and Pete, one of our Hearing Voices Group members, stepped in as Co-facilitator with Hannah.

In December, 2015, Pete stepped down as Co-facilitator, and Kris came on board.

Kris is not a voice hearer, however she brings a wealth of experience, having worked in Mental health for 25 years.


At the present, we now have 15 members of the Hearing Voices Group.

We have seen approximately 100 members come through our doors since we opened.

This includes Carers, both professional and family members.

Unfortunately, that means that at present, we can’t accommodate new members as we are at capacity.

We are offering a “taster session”, then placing potential new members onto a waiting list.


As you can see, from this fantastic new website, designed and set up by Pete, we have a lot to offer!

We also go on Group outings, such as annual seaside trips, local walks, bowling , boat trip, Christmas meal, etc.


For the past five years, we have partnered with The Challenge, which is a National Citizenship Award Scheme, for 15-17 year olds.

We have given them a crash course in Mental Health and specific knowledge, from our own experiences, of hearing voices.

They in turn, do an improvised, short play, on the experience of hearing  voices.

They show case this for family and friends as well as other young adults on the program.

Another Challenge group, go to Walthamstow High Street, to give the public, PR leaflets/posters, etc, and spread the word on “Hearing Voices”.


They have also done sponsored events for us.





Contact Information

Phone:  +44 7554 545107

Email:  info@wfhvg.co.uk

Address:  The Limes Community and Children’s Centre, William Morris Hall, 6 Somers Road, London E17 6RX

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